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About us

Starlite Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Yangjiang City, Guangdong. Established in 2006.Starlite is one of the specialized Pre-folded napkins manufacture company in mainland china. We are selling our products far to the overseas markets such as the Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North and South America. Pragmatic,fashion,grade and romantic for the style of the products. The creative design can creating a romantic mood together you and your guests shares the delicacy in the strong artistic atmosphere. The products have disk flower, cup flower, tableware bag, wine bottle packing and so on. It is applicable to a variety of dining environment such as the elegant party, family dinner party, cocktail party and so on.
Promoting development by depending on technical progress, our company introduced the advanced printing equipment. Advanced technology and highly automatic equipment improve the production capability of our company, thus further satisfying the increasing market demand and increasing endless motive for construction and development of the enterprise.
The purchase of raw materials directly decides the quality and standard of future finished products. On condition that the high quality is guaranteed, our company works out strict green purchase standard. Relating to the chemical of the raw material purchase, suppliers' environmental protection will be reviewed at first. Certification having the strictest monitoring system on product quality. Three multiple steps of quality inspection are undergone before the products being delivered to the customers, ranging from full filtration and inspection of imported raw materials. Health and safety full flow inspection and monitoring in the process of production, to high density of spot-check on finished products. Each of these processes is strictly controlled, layers of supervision, ensure that consumers are provided with the highest quality health products.
The companies maintain "Customer First, Satisfaction First, Technology First" business purposes. We sincerelly welcome customers and guests all over the world to our corporation to observe, exchange, cooperation.
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